VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panels

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Charge Your Portable Power Station Faster

– Folded Design
– Energy Efficient
– Waterproof
– Portable Device
– Multiple Ports
– Recyclable Materials

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– With ETFE film, durable and waterproof
– Mono solar Cells, 23.5% high conversion efficiency
– Portable and foldable,weighting 4.3kg, easy to carry
– Adjustable kickstand case



Model: VS-PS100
Peak Power: 100W
Solar Cell: Monocrystalline Silicon
Cell efficiency: Up to 23%
Voltage at max power (Vmp): 18V
Current at max power (Imp): 5.55A
Open circuit voltage(Voc): 21.6V
Short circuit current(Isc): 6.1A
Operating Temperature: -10 °C ~ +65 °C
Best working temperature: +25 °C
Folding number: 2
Dimension(unfolded): 536 x 1228 x 25mm
Dimension(folded): 536 x 614 x 50mm
Weight: 4.3kg/9.48lb


Why the VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel Is Right for You

With the growing electricity concern in South Africa, which we call “load-shedding”, finding excellent alternatives to traditional energy sources is a must. This is where our VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panels can save you from inevitable darkness whether you’re at home or on the go.

Devices like power banks do not last long and can only charge smartphones, earphones, or tablets. At the same time, your typical rooftop solar power system can be pricey, and it won’t be able to go on a camping trip with you.

That’s where a portable panel comes in handy. It’s a bit of both: compact enough to leave your home and powerful enough to charge small electric appliances, including microwaves.

So, keep on reading if you’re interested in this product. We’ll also provide a few tips and answers regarding portable solar panels in general.

Hot Tip: If you’re on the hunt for an inverter, too, check out our Neovolt All-in-One Inverter and Battery Unit.


VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel Description

The VSP-1000 portable unit with 2 fold-up solar panels is easy to carry with its carry handle and easy to use. Just plug in, and you are ready to go. On top of that, this unit is waterproof and only weighs 4.3kgs with multiple ports. The VS-1000 Portable Solar Panel is ideal for working outdoors, backup energy during loadshedding, caravanners, tiny homes, camping, informal homes, and mobile homes.

It charges small devices on a road trip and is perfect for camping and RV travel. This portable unit is convenient and cost-effective, versatile and durable, as well as low maintenance. The VS-P1000 Portable Solar Panel offers the most efficient way to harness solar energy on the go. Be kind to the planet – it’s made from RECYCLABLE MATERIALS.

Combine the panel with the VS-P1000 Portable Power Station to provide consistent power to your small electronics. The power station stores the energy harnessed by the panel and ensures fluid, constant power for small appliances such as laptops, mobile phones, lights, and tools.

These units are also known as portable photovoltaics or portable PV panels. They are effective and use the same technology that enables homes to run on 100% solar energy, just in a compact design.



Why Invest in a Portable Solar Panel?

Folding solar panels are an ideal product if you’re constantly on the go but still need to rely on a source of energy to power your devices and equipment. Thanks to their compact size, these mobile solar panels are lightweight and easy to carry around.

An added benefit to having portable solar panels for your home is that you’ll have a backup to cover your minor energy demands in case of power outages.



  • High-efficiency portable solar panels – our product produces some of the highest conversion efficiency at 23.5%.
  • Easy to set up – no roof-mounting is needed. Simply place it firmly anywhere there’s sun.
  • Portable – super easy to carry around. Pack it in your backpack suitcase or even load it in your boat since our portable solar panels are waterproof.
  • Quiet – if you can’t stand the constant hum of a generator, you’ll be happy to know that these panels won’t cause any noise pollution.
  • Emergency backup power – you can use your portable solar panel once your electricity and generator have failed.
  • Clean energy – our portable solar panels provide clean, renewable energy.
  • Freedom and independence – with portable solar, you can travel wherever the sun takes you, with a cloudy day being the only limit.



  • Requires direct sunlight for long hours – portable solar panels do not function optimally in severe weather conditions, making them less reliable on stormy, rainy days.
  • Limited energy output – since portable solar panels are typically small, they won’t generate as much energy as rooftop installations.
  • Not suitable for windy conditions – severe weather can also damage portable solar panels.



Who Do We Recommend Portable Solar Power to?

We highly recommend our VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel to anyone who enjoys venturing off the grid. It’s ideal if you are interested in camping, boating and other outdoor activities. Covered in recyclable and self-cleaning ETFE film, the product is durable and waterproof, making it an ideal camping solar panel.

Apart from the great outdoors, these portable solar panels are a fantastic addition to your home if you’re facing constant power outages or prefer renewable energy. It’s ideal if you do not require a large amount of energy. You also won’t have to spend as much money on a bulky generator, which is usually more harmful to the environment.


Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Portable Solar Panel

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your portable solar panel:


  • Prop up the panels – use the adjustable kickstand case that comes with our VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel to place it at the best possible angle to the sun. Also, ensure that your panels face the northern sky to maximise their power output.
  • Place the panels flat on the ground when it’s windy – placing them flat may not be as effective as an upright, angled position. However, extremely windy conditions can damage your solar panels.
  • Keep your portable solar panel out of the shadows – even a small shadow can affect the efficiency of your panel.
  • Keep the power station/battery out of the sun – if you attach a battery to your panel, you need to keep the battery out of the sun. You can even tuck it behind the solar panels if it’s small enough. This is because heat can slow down its charge.
  • Keep your portable solar panel clean – dirt, dust, and debris can build up on the panel, which prevents it from absorbing efficiently. So, keeping the panel clean is key to maximum sun energy absorption.
  • Consider the size and wattage – this is important to consider before purchasing portable solar kits so that your needs are met. For example, a 10 -15 watt solar panel can charge small electronics and smartphones, whereas a 20-30 watt panel charges larger devices, including laptops and cameras.

What Can You Charge With Your Portable Solar Panel?

Here is a list of electrical devices you can charge with our VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel:


  • Water sprinklers
  • Security cameras
  • Garden lights
  • Coffee makers
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Laptops
  • TVs
  • Mobile devices and tablets
  • Power banks
  • Ventilation fans
  • Small hardware tools
  • Pool pump
  • Ventilation fans
  • Dishwasher
  • Solar water heater

Pro Tip: Looking for something more powerful? Our VS-P1000 Portable Power Station can run appliances like blenders, projectors and small fridges thanks to a 1000W output.



Foldable Solar Panels vs. Flexible Solar Panels

You’ll typically find two types of portable panels when shopping for one: rigid foldable solar panels and flexible ones. Our VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel has a folded design, which means they don’t bend too much but can be folded up enough for travel and storage purposes.

Whereas flexible solar panels are lightweight and thinner, most bending at least 30 degrees. That said, these can easily be damaged and are less efficient compared to rigid, foldable panels. Let’s have a closer look:


Foldable Solar Panel Flexible Solar Panel
has more protection easily damaged
higher cost lower cost
efficiency is typically 16%-23% not as efficient
highly durable not as durable
can last 25-40 years can last 15-25 years
warranties are around 25 years usually has shorter warranties
made with less harmful materials some are made with toxic materials
higher-quality panels are more resistant may undergo UV degradation


Frequently Asked Questions: Portable Folding Solar Panels

Have a few more questions in mind? Hopefully, these FAQs can answer them:


How Much Is a Portable Solar Panel?

Our VS-PS100 Portable Solar Panel costs R3450.00, which includes VAT. Just note that this price excludes shipping and delivery fees. You can click “Add To Quote” to request a quote for any of the products you’re interested in, along with your name and email address.


Do You Need a Battery for Portable Solar Panels?

Not quite. A solar battery is not mandatory but can be a smart addition to your home set-up. Solar panels can’t produce energy in the dark. So, the battery can store daytime energy, allowing you to power your appliances at night.

This means you’ll have energy even when your solar panels are inactive.


Should I Choose Home Solar Panels or Portable Solar Panels?

Home solar panels, such as our 455W Solar Panel, are a better option if you’re looking for a long-term solution to your energy needs. However, portable solar panels are a more affordable and lightweight solution for occasional use and for when you’re travelling around.


Do You Need Portable Solar Panels in South Africa?

Overall, we think that everyone in South Africa can benefit from having a portable solar panel. With loadshedding and our love for the great outdoors, it’s comforting knowing that you have a backup source of energy to keep things running.

Whether you’re in South Africa, Botswana, or Namibia, we can help you find the right energy solution for you. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us for further details.


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